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Healthy Smiles from Our Family to Yours

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Preventive Services

Prevention is the key to great dental health. Our knowledgeable dental team will help you take care of your teeth and make recommendations of what you can do at home to maintain your oral health between visits. We want you to have a healthy mouth that you are satisfied with and will help you maintain the smile that you deserve.


We see patients of all ages, and welcome entire families to join our team. We even see the great-grandchildren of some of our patients!

•   Exams & Teeth cleanings

•   Digital X-Rays

•   Fluoride Treatments

•   Sealants

•   Complete Dental & Periodontal Charting

•   Oral Cancer Screenings

•   Oral Health Education

Check for coupons before going for more hygiene products

Flossing your teeth every time you brush helps prevent cavities

Brush at least twice per day

to keep cavities from forming

Substitute your sugary candies with Xylitol to aid in prevention of dental caries & reduce plaque formation

Our team provides comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages, whether it is your very first visit or if you have been in the routine as long as you can remember. As guidelined by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, we suggest that children first see the dentist beginning within six months of their first tooth coming in and no later than the first birthday. This also builds a fun and trusting relationship with the dentist and increases healthy routine habits for later in life.


Exams and cleanings should be performed at six month intervals for most patients. However, depending upon your oral and overall health condition, along with your oral hygiene habits and plaque build-up, your hygienist may make the recommendation that you have more frequent visits to maintain a healthy mouth. Keeping up-to-date on the condition and health of your teeth and gums will help you to ensure that if any problems should arise, they are caught early.

Child Dentist Hygienist Teeth Cleaning Panoramic Xray

•   You should see your dentist at least

      every 6 months for a checkup

•   Brushing at least twice per day helps

      plaque and tartar from forming

•   Flossing your teeth every time you

      brush helps prevent cavities from

      forming between your teeth

•   Fluoride treatments give you an extra

      layer of protection from plaque and


•   Oral cancer is most easily treated

      when it is caught early

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